Alphonsa Residential School, Bharananganam

Kinder Garten

As children move into middle school, our curriculum and programmes begin preparing them for the challenges of high school. Children in this age group have a growing, if unarticulated, need to shoulder responsibility and be allowed independence. We give them opportunities to meet these needs, against the backdrop of the structure and support required to be successful in their efforts. The focus is on both academic content and the development of essential skills like critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and the ability to speak and write effectively. Children are divided into separate houses and all group activities within the class are done according to house-based grouping. This teaches them to cooperate and work as a group. It also teaches them to help each other as they soon realize that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Children are also encouraged to take part in all co curricular activities and to be actively involved in intra-mural and inter-school events. Yoga is introduced to help in improving learning skills. The emphasis is on taking part, irrespective of winning or losing. Everybody takes part in everything. ‘Growing up’ classes are also introduced, along with counseling on a regular basis, depending on individual needs.


Admission Details

  • Admissions must be sought personally by parents or guardians who are directly responsible for the pupils. Students are normally admitted to the Nursery class and the minimum age required is 4 years. Admission to all other classes is based on Entrance Tests and it will be conducted on the last week of April.
  • Admission to HSS will be subject to the number of seats available and the merit of the students in the ICSE exam.(if applicable)

Items to be produced at the time of admission

  • Attested Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Recent Passport Size Photo


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