Alphonsa Residential School, Bharananganam

House System

In ARS immense thrust is given to co-curricular activities. All the students are divided into four houses- blues, Green, yellow, and Rose. A healthy competition is established among them. The house system exists in order to provide a context for intra-school carnivals and competitions relating to sporting and cultural activities. Probably nothing symbolises the school spirit more than the excitement and challenge inspired by competitive events. At ARS, these events are linked to sports, academics, the arts, debates, elocution…and many things in between!

At the Middle School or Standard 4 level, children are placed in one of the school’s four ‘Houses’, each of which is named after a colour-Blue, Green, Yellow and Rose.

This heralds the start of a school-long loyalty and commitment to the House and its members. The result is a sense of collaborative team spirit of the highest order.

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